tortured earth

random generators

Developing story features on the fly can be draining for the most experienced of GMs. Town settings are stressful mainly due to the variety of personalities involved setup of the basic scene. To alleviate this stress, Tortured Earth is developing a series of generators designed to remove some of the stress.

Currently, the Tavern Generator gives GMs the option to select among Environment, Genre, and Tavern Quality. To operate the generator, select the colored option menu beneath the tab labeled either Base Environment, Genre, or Tavern Quality. With each selection of the drop-down menu, a new tavern is generated.

In addition to Taverns, we are also working on generators with similar options for Loot, Trading Outposts, and One-Shot scenarios. Our generators are built for Google Spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel. Using the free apps for either platform, the spreadsheets will operate on phones and tablets.

New versions will be released as new books are released.

We hope you enjoy the generators!