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The creators of Tortured Earth are always interested in the issues and concerns new players are having with the system. Although positive feedback is always appreciated, we realize growth can only occur by knowing our shortcomings.

At this stage of development, the system is being modified to include mechanics for space flight and combat, artificing (for Steampunk style adventures), and skill restructuring to allow for super hero adventures. New races, creatures, and abilities are also being created to expand character diversity and experiences.

It is during this time, oversights and shortcomings may be repaired within the system. Fans of Tortured Earth are encouraged to provide feedback to direct and refine this component of the developmental process. Although we cannot include all suggestions, all will certainly be discussed and reviewed.

Stay in contact

Email is always the best method to contact the Tortured Earth creation team. Although we don’t guarantee momentary response times, we will always reply. Regular updates or news feeds may be followed on Facebook or Instagram. To those of you wishing to submit an idea or file for public sharing, please establish contact first. For security reasons, files from unknown individuals will not be opened.

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