Community Portal

The Portal is designed to support the community and provide a means of communication within the Tortured Earth gaming community. The game creators hope this area will provide a means of sharing and growth for the community at large. With contributions, this area will evolve to become the Tortured Earth go-to site, testing center for new abilities, and focus group for the future of Tortured Earth as a whole. New ideas, testing feedback, and response trends will have an impact in the development of storylines and game mechanics. Tortured Earth would like to thank everyone showing interest in our project and support for our game system. It is our fondest hope that each of you will contribute to the Tortured Earth multiverse.

Downloadable Material

The Community Portal Downloadables contain materials which have been submitted by Tortured Earth fans or by the game creators. All materials within this section are subject to change and will not be considered cannon to the Tortured Earth Multiverse until published. Content is free to download and share. However, to be considered a Tortured Earth contributor, we ask that feedback be given when materials are used. We consider all feedback and value all constructive criticism. We also recognize growth in a gaming system is a tedious process of testing and refinement. The more groups testing material speeds the refinement process and assists in the release of a far better product. Thank you in in advance for both your contributions, testing, and interest.

Quick Start Material

This section contains material designed to jumpstart a Tortured Earth campaign. Stories come from fans and writers wanting others to discover the strange new world. To play, all you need is a group and a copy of the book.

Play test Material

Tortured Earth encourages gamers to create their own modules. However, in order to get the ball rolling, we plan on releasing small, simple story starters for new GMs to begin their own stories. Please check back for miniadventures!


The multiverse is a big place. Very big. So large, in fact, it can support a nearly infinite variety of life forms.Races found in this segment are released for playtest purposes, community sharing, and general diversity. We hope the races found here spark the imagination and spur on the creation of even greater diversity.

Submitting your ideas!

  • 1.    Your ideas will be shared with the community at large. Translation: Prepare for criticism. It is expected for others to take the idea and test, evaluate, and comment on it. This should not be viewed as a negative or personal attack. Rather, it provides all a chance to grow and participate in the developmental process.

  • 2.    Submissions are being made with the intent to publish. The creators of Tortured Earth wish to give credit where credit is due. Please include your real name, contact email, and pen name you wish to appear on your creation. The pen name will appear in both the web review and final published piece.

  • 3.    All submissions are to be completed using the blank templates provided on this site. Final product for review may be mailed as a Microsoft Word compatible document to Artice and K. B. will evaluate the piece and post it for the community at large to review. This part of the process may take a couple of days as we are usually in direct contact with the creator of the piece for minor modifications.