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Welcome to Tortured Earth

Tortured Earth is a table-top role-playing game unlike any you have played before. It doesn't matter if you are a veteran to table-top RPGs or someone who has never rolled a dice, Tortured Earth is a beautifully crafted world and character building system that provides the tools you need to create the story you want.

What Makes T.E. Different?

Tortured Earth is a class-less, level-less role playing game set in an apocalyptic future. The system is designed to allow the transition of characters among science fiction, fantasy and horror settings in a seamless manner without loss of skills, assigned points, or equipment. Without the restriction of class, players are free to create unique custom characters without overpowering or under mining the established story board.

Craft the story you want

GMs and story creators wishing to experiment with diverse story lines have the freedom to transition characters directly from medieval fantasy stories into futuristic sci-fi or Elizabethan horror settings without interruption to character development or story balance. The official Tortured Earth multiverse also allows GMs to slowly introduce elements of science fiction, fantasy, or horror into their story boards and the foreign elements not overpower or overshadow the existing elements.

T.E. Main Storyline